Art Market Jakarta 7 by Catalyst Arts

Catalyst Arts presents:

Art Market Jakarta 7
28 – 30 April 2017
Kuningan City, 3rd Floor
Jl Prof Dr Satrio Kav 18, Kuningan, South Jakarta

Collectible artworks & merchandise:

Afterme Design | Angela Dios | Ansy Savitri x SROU Studio | ARTofLIFE | Bernadet Putri | bits and bobs | Bob and Lily x Mita Jewelry | Brombie Lab x HipMe | Brush & Washes Illustrator Collective | DESIGN BY LEV | Galih Sakti | Group Chat Phobia | Gesut | Heimlo | Karangan x Simpul Idea | Kayu Manis | Keramik Suka-suka | Kertasbykarls | Knotting Lasts Forever | Leeven&Co. | Maskrib x Achebong | Namakuma x Barsum World | Nrsimha | Obie | PEER x KAMA | Peterporn x Hollysick | Resatio Adi Putra | Rivenhill x Lana | Studio Mardis | Tomodachi Studio | Torisaru | Ultramanminmun | Water Planet

Special collaboration:

Pagggges | Raksasa Print | Orkibal

We are collaborating with Pagggges, a platform for art book and zine makers and publishers, to create a “mini library” where you can see, read, and collect a lot of art books and zines made by local visual artists.

This is also our first time collaborating with visual artists from Malaysia, namely Raksasa Print and Orkibal. Raksasa Print is a silkscreen printing studio based in Kuala Lumpur while Orkibal is a Kuala Lumpur-based artist whose style is distinctively bright and colourful. Orkibal is also the man who illustrates Art Market Jakarta 7 visual promotion and we are very happy to collaborate with him!

Food & beverage:

Dapurbaba | Hubble Scoop Creamery | Kehulu Coffee | Kickass Coffee Works | PDO Churros | Sama Food Indonesia | Sate Blora Pak Agus | Volle Kitchen


April 28

Vinyl DJ set by Dua Sejoli and Dick Tamimi
Music performance by Indische Party

April 29

Vinyl DJ set by Dua Sejoli & Mar Galo
Music performance by Sisitipsi

April 30

Vinyl DJ set by Dua Sejoli and Aben
Music performance by Mondo Gascaro

Giant mural:

Be the witness of our first giant mural inside Art Market Jakarta 7, illustrated by three visual artists:

Addy Debil | Arya Mularama | Orkibal

Don’t forget to take pictures in front of this mural, because there will be daily giveaways for three days and a grand prize of mirrorless camera for one lucky winner!

This giant mural is sponsored by Jotun Indonesia

Creative Workshops:

Spend your weekend with artsy vibes by doing some free creative workshops.All materials are provided by us so you just need to bring yourself.

April 29

Zine Making
Mentor: Addy Debil, Mufti Priyanka, Nasrul Akbar, Yonas Kristy from Pagggges
First session starts at 1.30 pm

Let’s express your creativity using cut, paste, and draw techniques to create a collective storytelling with other participants and turn it into a one-of-a-kind handmade zine.

April 30

Screen Printing
Mentor:  Fachriza Ansyari & Christian Kesu from Sarang Semut Poster Studio
First session starts at 1.30 pm

This is your chance to get a ‘freestyle’ screen printing experience that is combined with mixed media technique and express it on paper, tote bag, or t-shirt.

Let’s have a visual explosion at Art Market Jakarta 7!

PS: We will frequently update the information above, so please bookmark this article to find out the latest info!

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