Amazing 3D Illustrations Look Like Layers of Paper

Illustrator, graphic designer and art director Eiko Ojala has a talent for three dimensional illustrations. When you first see his work, you might think you are looking at layers of paper collaged together. However, in reality, each piece is actually drawn on the computer by the Estonian artist.

Ojala works digitally to create his landscapes, people, and objects, all of which look like you can reach out and touch the various layers of cut paper. In the captivating illustrations, his perfect use of light and shadow give depth to otherwise flat surfaces. According to the artist, the placement of shadows is often the trickiest part and, to achieve this success, he sometimes photographs the shadows and incorporates those directly into his illustrations.

Ojala’s work is broad in scope, and his illustrations feature a everything from nudes to portraits, landscapes, and abstract art. His amazing talents have been featured in magazines and on posters and book covers, and you can check out more of his work on his website.

Article: mymodernmet
Photos: mymodernmet & pocko

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