Art Market Jakarta 7: Introduction to Pagggges

We have three special collaborations at Art Market Jakarta 7 that will be held on April 28-30, 2017 at Kuningan City, South Jakarta, and would like to introduce you to them. Our third collaboration is with Pagggges, an art book and zine publishers platform initiated by Resatio Adi Putra. Read the Q&A below!

Tim Pagggges (kiri-kanan): Resatio Adi Putra, Nathania Gabriele, Mufti ‘Amenkcoy’ Priyanka

Catalyst Arts (CA): Hi, Resatio! Tell us what is Pagggges?

Resatio (R): Pagggges is a platform for artists, illustrators, photographers, and writers who independently make zines and art books.

CA: Why did you establish Pagggges?

R: I haven’t found many (or even none) platforms like this one (please correct me if I’m wrong).

CA: Who are the people behind Pagggges?

R: I, myself, as the initiator and curator, supported by Mufti ‘Amenkcoy’ Priyanka and Nathania Gabriele.

CA: What is your mission for Pagggges?

R: Showcasing people who independently publish zines and art books to wider audience. I believe not many people know about this.

Some art books and zines managed by Pagggges, showcased at Kopi Kalyan few weeks ago

CA: What is your vision in the future?

R: I’ve observed that there are a lot of people who independently publish zines and art books but most of them are doing it alone. They are not aware that the more people join the movement then the bigger the impact as well. So people who follow certain artists will get to know the other artists’ works too, and the other way around. The possibilities will be endless. Who knows we can get a project or even create our own project.


For more info about Art Market Jakarta 7, please visit this link:

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