Charcoal for Children #3 with Natisa Jones and ‘Mystery Artist’

Lagilagi Bali will hold its 3rd session of CHARCOAL FOR CHILDREN on:

Day/date : Saturday, 21st January 2017
Location : CushCush Gallery | Jl. Teuku Umar. Gg.Rajawali No.1a
Time : 09.00-12.00
Invited artists : Natisa Jones & ‘Mystery Artist’

Lagilagi Bali is looking for children from 8-16 years old who are interested to explore their inner artists, passion & creativity, to join this session and together, they will learn how to use charcoal & make collaborative artworks with the invited artists.

(they will be happy if there are 6-8 years old who want to join with parent’s supervision)

This event is FREE for all children who are interested.

Contact them and provide them your email address & phone number so they can send you the registration form.


charcoal for children

CHARCOAL FOR CHILDREN brings together up-and-coming and established artists and children groups of different backgrounds in a single session. In each session, invited artists will be paired up with a group of children, to create collaborative or individual artworks that respond to artists’ and children’s surrounding interests. Children will be exposed to different techniques of charcoal through fun, direct interactions and play. The program focuses on how charcoal can be used as a medium to express one’s feeling, interest and inner voice through art. Artists will get to produce a body of work/s for the final group exhibition.

How to contact Lagilagi Bali:

Email :
PH : 0361 – 242034
CP : MERLINS (0812 89152130)


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