The Color and Patterns of Gabriella Marcella


We all know that colors generate emotions and having vibrant and playful colors could put you in a good mood … well, I think that’s the case for most of us. A person who always wants to uplift people with her designs is Glasgow based designer Gabriella Marcella.

Marcella has gained large recognition by adorning her designs with color and playful patterns. Her designs are minimal illustrations that tend do have a dynamic composition with the selection of color and pattern that she incorporates. Gabriella looks at every design as space or surface ready to be decorated and animated. She has basically touched every design area including publication, editorial, packaging, album cover to display designs.

As well as a portfolio jammed with posters, public-space initiatives, album covers, and silk scarves, Marcella runs Risotto, a Risograph print shop where she can inject a wide spectrum of Adobe colors into everything that comes her way. For the young designer, pattern is a way to alter and lift the world around her. The aim is to “animate surface,” to transform things by “giving volume to something flat.” Marcella’s densely packed posters combine retro Riso with a bold, illustrated hand that brings life to whatever grey lamppost they might be attached to.

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