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Sebuah advertising agency di Swedia bernama SNASK menawarkan jasa rebranding secara gratis untuk Korea Utara yang mereka sampaikan secara terbuka melalui website Apa saja yang ditawarkan? Semuanya yang dibutuhkan untuk mengganti jati diri. Mereka bahkan mencantumkan file desain yang bisa diunduh langsung di website tersebut.

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Syarat dari SNASK cuma satu: Korea Utara menjadi negara demokrasi. Berikut bunyi surat terbuka untuk Korea Utara yang mereka tulis di website:

Dear North Korea,

This is an open letter from a Swedish agency called Snask. For a long time we’ve witnessed a world full of increasing anger and hate. Something that we see as the biggest enemy to a bright future. When it comes to your country nothing would make us happier than if you decided to become a democracy. After all the proven benefits are huge, but of course this is not up to us to decide. It’s only you who can take this decision to change. But instead of just standing by and watch we would like to give you something on the way.

As one of the world’s sharpest branding agencies we have created your new visual identity and branding. We call your new brand Love Korea. Yes, it’s that simple and banal. Why? Because the two words go very well together. It’s a name that communicates happiness, optimism and of course love. Love is not about being perfect, love is about adapting to someone and something. To share your world with everybody else in a giving and positive manner.

If someone hates you, you instantly are drawn to hate that person back. But hey, you know what the great thing is? The same goes for love! So if you love someone, that person will be instantly drawn to loving you back. So we want to start by showing our love by giving you this identity and branding for free, but it comes with one condition. Prove to the world that you are a free democracy, and we will help you to implement this identity for free. We will already give you the files so you can try it out yourself much like a new silky outfit. You will be the first country in the world to have “love” as your number one value as well as the name of your country. Let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards



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