Art Change the World?

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I do believe that art changes the world but not through an artwork affecting the world as if the world is an object. If I think what is the importance of arts for me, whether it’s an novel, or a film, or a song. I realized that so much of me is constructed out of particular moments having read something, heard something, seeing something, which either act as a new thought, or a confirmation, recognition of who I am. See more info at

So in that sense I have enormous believe in why arts .. of all kind is completely vital. It isn’t simply a decoration. One of the ways in we constructed who we are. And in .. artworks in the world that would be the way I would see it working rather than as a larger phenomenon working in a mass way. When it works in a mass way, many individuals are strengthen, fulfilled, understood, recognized themselves, have a new idea about different things through what they’ve seen, rather than having an abstract force.

– William Kentridge

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