29 Ways To Stay Creative

Creativity is a must. I can’t think of a time that being in the creative zone hasn’t helped turn stress into laughter, boredom into inspiration, or sadness into downright giddiness.

For those of you who don’t think you are creative, don’t think that way. And for the record, creativity doesn’t have to refer to all the DIY madness floating around the internet. Creativity can come into play in all areas of life, so it’s beneficial to know how to work with it.

The infographic I’m featuring today is pretty sweet because it gives you ways to keep your creative juices flowing. By trying even a handful of these things, you’ll start to notice the creative beast in you coming out to play a little more often. When good ideas come your way, hold on tight to them–write them down if you have to. Ideas tend to slip from our memory as easily as our dreams do. Once you have a good grasp on your idea, dive in and watch it evolve.

I practice a lot of the things listed below, and they are all really helpful. Here are some other things I do: furious stream of consciousness writing on my typewriter, piece together eccentric outfits, and plaster favorite quotes all over everything. Enjoy!

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