Art Market Jakarta 8 by Catalyst Arts

Catalyst Arts presents:

Art Market Jakarta 8
December 8-10, 2017
Kuningan City, 3rd Floor
Jl Prof Dr Satrio Kav 18, Kuningan, South Jakarta

Affordable Art Fair:

Ali Hamzah | Ariel Victor | Arya Mularama | Atreyu Moniaga | Azis Wicaksono | Citra Marina | Diela Maharanie | Elfandiary | Gadis Fitriana | Gula | Hari Prast | Ika Vantiani | Nengiren | Nykkhu (Atreyu Moniaga Project) | Kemas Acil | Liunic | Maskrib | Muhammad Taufiq (Emte) | Muklay | Nalta097 | Resatio | Rukmunal Hakim | SENIMART | Summerpotato | Tragicoo | Uncle Joy | Walid | Wickana | Wulang Sunu

Collectible artworks & merchandise:

Achebong | Ariel Victor | bits & bobs | Bob and Lily | Brombie Lab | Christina Rou Pottery | CRESC | Damdam | Elfandiary | Group Chat Phobia | Hipme | Holla-C | Idamkhar | Karangan | Kayu Manis | Kertasbykarls | kukuku. | Leeven & Co | Lincoid | | Manikara | Maskrib | Mita Jewelry | Namakuma | Nasi Goreng Diplomacy | Nrsimha | Obie | peterporn | Pin Panther Collectives | Pins and Puns | Razmataz | Resatio | Rukmunal Hakim | Rumme | Tomodachi Studio | Torisaru | Tresaugust | Tsatya | Unikraf | Vindy Ariella | wkwkwk | WUV | YAJUGAYA

Special showcase:

Disarrangement: Live collage and exhibition
Initiated by Resatio

Fajar Domingo | Feby Elsadiora | Grace Joetama | Ika Vantiani | Karin Josephine | Piganta | Resatio

Collage is made by cutting and pasting several different materials that is not necessarily belongs together, but somehow the artists will make it works. In this opportunity, Resatio gathers 7 collage artists that will make collages in one table together. These 7 artists have their own particular materials and style of making their collages. It will be interesting to see the way they response to each other’s materials then making collages that will be display later on this one wall. Audience can take part by responding to those collages by writing, drawing, or anything that related with the art. The best response will get a cool prize from the artists.

Live Collage:
9 December 2017
1 PM – 3 PM

9 – 10 December 2017
1 PM – 9 PM

Creative Workshops by Kitty Manu:

Spend your weekend with artsy vibes by doing some fun free creative workshops with Kitty Manu. All materials are provided by us so you just need to bring yourself. These activities are available all day from Friday to Sunday, 1-9 PM, first come first serve until the materials run out!

Kitty Manu is a well-known crafter based in Jakarta. She has given tons of inspiration for many people through various creative workshops and DIY tutorials. She is one of those people who can turn mundane things into something meaningful and lovely.

Let’s join her in one of her fun workshops below:

#1: Handcrafted Holiday Greeting Cards
#2: Pinback Button Badge Making
#3: Make a Frame in a Pot
#4: Pattern Botanical Collage

Kids Corner by PIBO:

We are collaborating with PIBO, a publisher and online marketplace for children’s books, to make a kid-friendly event! We have two programs at Kids Corner: PIBO Portfolio Review and Storydate!

PIBO Portfolio Review

Calling all artists/illustrators who are interested in becoming a children’s book illustrator to get a chance to get a chance to show your work and get your portfolio reviewed by the founders of Pibo, a publisher and online bookstore for kids: Mayumi Haryoto & Aisha Habir.

To participate, please fill in the google form via this link: and send an email with a pdf file containing your name, phone number, and a maximum of 10 illustrations (max 2 MB) to This opportunity is open only to those who have registered in advance.


Bring your kiddos to Kids Corner area at Art Market Jakarta 8 because there will be fun storytelling sessions, reading corner, art & craft, colouring, and mini playground at this area. Here’s the storytelling sessions schedule for your children (all stories are taken from Pibo’s lovely books):

Friday, 8 November

17.00 – 19.00: Children’s book illustrator portfolio review

Saturday, 9 November

14.00: Storydate – Mandi Sendiri
15.00: Children’s book illustrator portfolio review
16.00: Storydate – Hatta Suka Durian

Sunday, 10 November

14.00: Storydate – Tanganku
15.00: Children’s book illustrator portfolio review
16:00: Storydate – Jujur atau Bohong

Daily activities, including colouring, art & craft (making handprint stick animals), and mini playground are available at Kids Corner from 1 pm – 7 pm.

Follow Instagram account @artmarket_jkt to see all the details.

Let’s celebrate the end of the year with some artsy things for you and your families!

PS: We will frequently update the information above, so please bookmark this article to find out the latest info!

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