Art Market Jakarta 7: Studio Mardis

We’d like to introduce you to all participants of Art Market Jakarta 7 that will be held on April 28-30, 2017 at Kuningan City, South Jakarta. One of them is Studio Mardis. Read our Q&A below:

Catalyst Arts (CA): Tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you came to begin your career in illustration.

Studio Mardis (SM): Mardis started at the end of 2015. It was the brainchild of two sisters, Meizha Subagyo as the creative director and Adellya Subagyo as the marketing. In August 2016, we found the soul of Mardis, which is the three central ideas of Mardis: Summer, Javanese, Lifestyle.

CA: What kind of artworks or products that you prepare for Art Market Jakarta 7?

SM: We will bring our best selling fashion products from Mardis, such as:

  1. Sundak Kemben, inspired by Javanese strapless tube top but using lighter material and can be used as an inner wear for shirt or as a tube top to go to the beach.
  2. Drini Stagen, inspired by Javanese girdle, using lurik pattern but with a modern touch and accent.
  3. Summer dress and other apparel items with light and comfy materials such as cotton and linen, which are great for tropical countries.
  4. Veg-tanned leather bags and canvas bags that are still in line with the soul of Mardis to perfect your summer look.
  5. Scarf and accessories with Mardis’ printed design.

CA: Tell us about your favourite product from your collection!

SM: We personally love all of our collection because we originally came from Central Java. At the beginning, each piece that we made was actually a solution for ourselves and we hoped it could be a solution for other people as well. Both of us really like summer look and beach, but we also want to put a touch of Javanese in it. Sundak Kemben, for example, can be used as a tube top for going to the beach, but can also be used as an inner wear for more formal basic top and batik for a party, or can be used with shirt and denim pants for a chic look. Our designer is currently learning how to wear a hijab, but it is quite difficult to find a summer outfit that covers everything modestly, uses light material, but looks stylish for going to the beach.

CA: Name one resource that inspires your brand the most.

SM: We are inspired by the richness of Indonesia’s biodiversity, especially beaches and summer. We want to highlight Indonesian culture, especially Java, using the style and nuance that represent Mardis. We also want to highlight women issues related to the current news and era development.

CA: What is your plan for your brand in the near future?

SM: We, especially, want to be the solution for tourists who want to go to the beach with light hijab style. However, we still provide light beach outfit for non-hijab people. We are planning to make Mardis focusing more on current social issues in Indonesia and international, and giving more positive impact in sustainable and environment-friendly fashion industry.

CA: Tell us how to find out more about your brand?

SM: Find us on Instagram @studiomardis, Twitter @studiomardis, Facebook fan page Mardis Official, or website


For more info about Art Market Jakarta 7, please visit this link:

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