Art Market Jakarta 7: Karangan

We’d like to introduce you to all participants of Art Market Jakarta 7 that will be held on April 28-30, 2017 at Kuningan City, South Jakarta. One of them is Dian from Karangan, a brand that produces accessories, stationery, and many more! Read our Q&A below:

Dian, founder of Karangan

Catalyst Arts (CA): Tell us a little bit about your brand, and how you came to begin your brand.

Karangan (K): I’m a blessed one. Mom of two, happy wife. I love sweets after savory and loop all over again. I’ve loved coloring since I was a little child, and when I was in high school and college I took part as a creative team of their art events. I designed web for my final project. Thanks to my “quick decision”, I reunited with Photoshop and then decided to make my own scarf. In a long term, I want to be an artpreneur.

CA: What kind of artworks or products that you prepare for Art Market Jakarta 7?

K: Scarf size 110×110 , scarf 50×50 , twilly, hand-drawn/collage postcards, brooches.

CA: Tell us about your favourite product from your collection!

K: Darkleaf & mountain-pattern scarf, because I made it by “hands” not my brain. I just followed wherever my hands guided me through and apparently people love it!

CA: Name one resource that inspires your brand the most.

K: If we are talking about a platform, Pinterest is my number one source. As for the artist, Beci Orpin really inspires me a lot.

CA: What is your plan for your brand in the near future?

K: Adding more stationery, home & beyond, and accessories products and making partnership with various art market platforms.

CA: Tell us how to find out more about your brand?

K: Go check my Instagram account: @karangan.o.dnsrs


For more info about Art Market Jakarta 7, please visit this link:

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