Art Market Jakarta 7: Design by Lev

We’d like to introduce you to all participants of Art Market Jakarta 7 that will be held on April 28-30, 2017 at Kuningan City, South Jakarta. One of them is Design by Lev, a creative brand that produces various cute merchandise, managed by Levana. Read our Q&A below:

Levana, founder of Design by Lev

Catalyst Arts (CA): Tell us a little bit about your brand, and how you came to begin your brand.

Design by Lev (DL): Hi, I’m LEV or Levana. I graduated as a graphic designer and I love illustrations and cute things! I also love movie characters so I like to remake those characters. Since I was in college, I always wanted to have my own brand that produced stuff using the characters I remade. The first merchandise that came to mind was phone case.

CA: What kind of artworks or products that you prepare for Art Market Jakarta 7?

DL: Quite a lot, but I will surely bring phone case, tote bag, stickers, patches, crop tee, pin, and hat.

CA: Tell us about your favourite product from your collection!

DL: Phone case is my favourite! It was the first stuff that I made and I love it because I can change my own phone case using characters that I like (and I made!). And phone case is an item that people always bring anywhere they go.

CA: Name one resource that inspires your brand the most.

DL: To name one is very difficult, because my source of inspiration is a lot. I’ve seen so many inspirations on Instagram that make me want to think more about what I can do to my brand.

CA: What is your plan for your brand in the near future?

DL: My big plan is to have my own offline store, because at the moment I sell my products online. I also want to create one-of-a-kind products so we will not restock the items but keep creating new items (unless for some best seller items).

CA: Tell us how to find out more about your brand?

DL: Check our Instagram account @designby.lev and @designbylev.catalog, and Facebook Design By Lev. We will have website soon!


For more info about Art Market Jakarta 7, please visit this link:

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