Art Market Jakarta 7: Bernadet Putri

We’d like to introduce you to all participants of Art Market Jakarta 7 that will be held on April 28-30, 2017 at Kuningan City, South Jakarta. One of them is Bernadet Putri. Read our Q&A below:

Catalyst Arts (CA): Tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you came to begin your career in illustration.

Bernadet Putri (BP): Hi, I’m an illustrator and textile designer from Jakarta. I started to pursue my career in illustration since I was in college due to one task that required me to use watercolour media with a lot of details. Apparently I loved it! I finally found my style during my internship with Fashion Designer Mel Ahyar. I’ve realised that I’m going to create pattern illustration in each of my works. I also love nude, pale, and soft colour palette.

CA: What kind of artworks or products that you prepare for Art Market Jakarta 7?

BP: I’m going to bring art prints, scarves, wrapping papers, and playing cards.

CA: Tell us about your favourite product from your collection!

BP: My favourite artwork that will be available at Art Market Jakarta 7 is The Four Kingdoms! It is a full-illustrated playing cards set. It tells a story of four kingdoms using the four elements of earth: sky kingdom, sea kingdom, forest kingdom, and ice kingdom. It is my favourite piece because I made it outside of my comfort zone, because the set was very colourful and game wasn’t actually my forte. However I’m proud to say that I finished this card set!

CA: Name one resource that inspires your brand the most.

BP: My artworks are mostly inspired by nature, such as botanical and fauna. I also love to create an elegant woman figure with a touch of ethnicity. I want to show that flora, fauna, and human can live together in harmony and make the world we’re living a better place.

CA: What is your plan for your brand in the near future?

BP: In the future, I want to collaborate with respected fashion designers and brands all around the world. I also want to add more touch of craftsmanship into my products so I can empower more people who live in the regions.

CA: Tell us how to find out more about your brand?

BP: You can find me on Instagram @bernadetputri or Behance Bernadet Putri.



For more info about Art Market Jakarta 7, please visit this link:

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