An Exhibition of Fabric and Their Stories

We keep a piece of fabric not necessarily for its function, style or even its brand. Some of us still keeping certain pieces of fabric for the particular feeling and story they carry that we are not ready yet to let go. Might the story attached to it be good, bad or even scary. Whatever it might be, we would like to invite you to share your personal piece in the group exhibition For Keepsake, Keep Me.

For Keepsake, Keep Me is one of the fringe events of the project IKAT/eCUT hosted by Goethe-Institut Indonesia in 2017.

We are going to choose up to 30 pieces of the submitted fabrics and exhibit them at GoetheHaus from 18 March to 9 April 2017.
Open for Jakarta residents only.
One story per person only.
If you want to participate, kindly send the information below to by no later than 1 February 2017.
A good quality (res: 300 dpi) photo of the piece of fabric (in 3 angles if needed) that you would like to exhibit.
Quantity of the piece, detail size of the piece (wide, length).
A story in Indonesian or English, max. 100 words, that explains why this fabric is so important to you and the year since when you’ve had the fabric. These details will be on display along with your fabric.
Personal information, such as name, age, residence, returning address, and profession.
Be informed that your name, age and profession will be on display along with your fabric. By submitting a piece of fabric you agree to this.
We will notify you of the chosen pieces at the latest by February 7, 2017 by email.
Do share this to as many people as possible that you think might interested to join the exhibition and thank you for sharing your fabric story with us here at IKAT/eCUT.

In fabric we trust,
Ika Vantiani


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