A Magical Look Inside Utah’s Ice Castle, Captured by Photographer Sam Scholes


Like a mythical yeti’s cave or a home fit for the ice queen, this Ice Castle in Utah is something beautiful and mysterious to behold. Photographer Sam Scholes visited the hand built ice structure to capture it as the sun went down and the lights came on. Simply incredible.

Ice Castles were the idea of Brent Christensen, who moved from California to Utah a few years back. Inspired by ‘stir-crazy cabin fever’ and the cold winters, he started building an ice rink in his back yard – but it soon evolved into something more.

Today, the Ice Castle team builds frozen architecture in four locations around the US, often using as much as 20,000,000 pounds of ice for each structure. At night, the icicle covered buildings are illuminated by colorful lights that pulse and change as spectators explore the cold and dreamy environment.




Sumber: visualnews.com

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