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Sudah pada tau dong yah tentang acara yang satu ini. sMart dialogue, yang diadakan oleh Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace ini selalu menampilkan karya, produk, dan aktivitas yang seru-seru. Jadi pastikan kamu untuk dateng pada tanggal 10 May 2014, mulai dari jam 10 pagi hingga 8 malam di Dia.lo.gue Artspace, Kemang, Jakarta Selatan. Berikut adalah poster acara dan informasi lebih lengkapnya.

smart dialogue, pasar seni dan eksibisi di dialogue artspace

Poster acara yang keren ini silahkan disebarluaskan ya. 

sMart dialogue is an art market that is held twice yearly, as part of Dia.Lo.Gue’s vision of providing an artspace that can support dialogue between artists and designers with the public. It aims to socialize art and design as part of everyday life. sMart features many activities, performances, demonstrations and discussions centering on art and design. sMart is a delightful and sMart way to spend your time and your family’s. Come and get your dose of creativity.

• 11.00 live perfomance: TULUS • 12.00 recycled product workshop for kids by LUMINTU • 17.30 opening exhibition: ARBOTICS by by Doni & Hafez, Honf, Indieguerillas, Thedeomixblood, Xxlabs • 18.00 gallery tour Arbotics exhibition • 19.00 live performance: THE NEW CONTENTLESS

Participants: • ROCKINC • Mannequin Plastic • Studio Mili • Heimlo • Kunci • Conture Indonesia • Ffrash • LULA • LOOM • Umbara • Lumintu • Surely Someday Kitchen • Sushirakyat • Asterisk

Dia.Lo.Gue jln. Kemang Selatan 99A Jakarta 12730
additional parking space at Habibie Centre & de la Rosa

T. +62217199671 • • twitter: @dialogue_arts

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