10 Komik Kopi Lucu pt.2


1. Coffee Intern

Sumber: dilbert.com

2. Fair Trade Coffee

Sumber: gocomics.com

3. Coffee and Occupational Hazards

Sumber: funnytimes.com

4. Most Syllables

Sumber: christophergraphics.com

5. Coffee Addict

Sumber: s9.favim.com

6. Cup of Wet Sugar?

Sumber: ineedcoffee.com

7. Give Up Coffee

Sumber: cdn.sheldoncomics.com

8. Black Coffee

Sumber: ifunny.ws

9.¬†Where’d He Go?

Sumber: 25.media.tumblr.com

10. Ten Cups a Day!

Sumber: Wulffmorgenthaler

Baca part 1 di sini.

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